DEFINE F.A.M.E. Urbanscape


DEFINE F.A.M.E. Urbanscape



The brief was to revamp the client’s brand to make it young again hence to resonate closer with millennials whom have the bottomless appetite to explore and never ending connectivity on social media.

The team took an in-depth research in curating through latest trends and interests amongst such age group as well as understanding the common hipsters’ characteristics hence understanding the dos and donts in the ‘language’ used in terms of brand and product advocacy.

With a 360° end-to-end marketing approach from hand-delivered invite pack, social media management to on-ground activations and engagements, the campaign was a huge success. Not only the brand had an organic fan base growth from nil to 7,000 people in 16 months, the brand had never felt so much traction with consumers constantly ‘pestering’ for more interactions. The social media postings per consumer reached on-ground went through the roof with some hitting 300%. Brand health indicators on the other hand were extremely encouraging with 100% increase with most of them above 90% score.

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